Monday, November 19, 2012


As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems a good time to stop and say a few words of thanks to those who make the journey of chemical sensitivity easier for those of us who walk it. There are many things for which to be grateful, and I’ll list a handful of them that come to mind, in no particular order. I'm sure I speak for many when I express true, heartfelt gratitude for the following:

  • Friends and family members who make the changes necessary so that we can be part of their lives

  • People who not only educate themselves about toxicity and chemical sensitivity issues, but make the effort to educate others, as well

  • People who help us meet basic needs for food, shelter and clothing when doing so becomes challenging and complicated

  • Family members who take care of the home-related tasks we can no longer accomplish

  • Friends and family members who make an effort to stay in touch through e-mail or phone contact

  • People who are willing to endure some discomfort, such as meeting outside in non-perfect weather, so that we can be part of a gathering

  • Christian radio, television and internet ministries

  • Manufacturers who make healthier products and the retailers who carry them

  • Doctors who treat us and speak for us despite the battles they face with insurers and others

  • Neighbors who care for their lawns in non-toxic ways

  • Business owners who use safer cleaning and maintenance products

  • People who believe us when we describe our reactions to chemicals, although our experience is strange and foreign to them

  • People who work on behalf of the chemically sensitive community by maintaining websites, running support groups, writing books and doing other advocacy work

  • The comfort found through Christ, and the promise of a better life to come


Joanna K. Harris said...

Amen to all of this!!! We have so much to be thankful for! Praise God for His abundant grace to us.
God bless you my friend,

Martha McLaughlin said...

Thanks, Joanna. Something else I'm grateful for is that I've met so many wonderful people in the online MCS community. I know none of us would have chosen this path, but I'm truly inspired by the way so many handle the challenges with grace and faith.

DebraSY said...

I give thanks for a canary friend who has patiently educated me so that my family and I will likely live longer, richer lives and may avoid succumbing to MCS because of unnecessary, self-inflicted exposures.

Moreover, she has shared such wisdom as "chronic conditions require chronic prayers." True, Lord. True.

Hope your Thanksgiving was loving and warm -- connected but uncontaminated by chemicals. Dare I even hope?

We did Columbia, but returned early on Saturday to share lunch with Keith's brother and family on their way back to Texas. They hadn't seen the house yet.