Because websites and the information they contain are constantly changing, it’s possible that by the time you read this list, some of the sites may have moved, or the information contained may no longer correspond to the principles contained elsewhere in this blog. I believe, however, that the following resources are a good place to start when looking for information and assistance in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Many of the resources listed here will lead to others, which I hope will also be useful. I believe that the products sold by the suppliers and vendors listed here are generally good alternatives to those traditionally found on store shelves, but I can’t guarantee that every product sold is a good choice, either in general, or for any particular buyer. It’s always a good idea to test any new product for personal tolerability. This is especially true of building and renovation materials, which are not easily removed once used. All buyers need to learn to read ingredients and to be well-informed consumers, but no one needs to feel that he or she is in this journey alone. There are plenty of people tuning in to these issues, and lots of company on this road to a healthier future.

Christian Health-Related Ministries

Aroma of Christ Ministry
A Christian ministry to the chemically sensitive

Rest Ministries
Ministering to those with chronic illnesses and pain

Where is God Ministries
WIGM is designed to encourage people with chronic illnesses and educate their family members and friends. Pamphlets on “Why Go Perfume Free to Church?” and “Is Your Church Making People Sick?” are available for purchase.

Christian Chemical Illness Online Support Groups

Aroma of Christ
Christian prayer and encouragement for those with chemical illness and related conditions

CMCS-EI: Christians with Invisible Illnesses
Christian group for those with chemical sensitivities and other invisible illnesses

Christians with Environmental Illness Facebook Group
A group for Christians with environmental illness and similar conditions

Circle of Friends Christ Centered Prayer Share and Praise Group
A place for Christians to share concerns and praises which is associated with the Planet Thrive website

Hope Revealed
Hope Revealed is also part of the Planet Thrive community.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
A support group associated with Rest Ministries.

Church-related Articles and Informational Pages

Anabaptist Disabilities Network
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity information page

Are You Allergic to Your Church?
Short article from Hopekeepers Magazine

The CIA Campaign: A Campaign for Cleaner Indoor Air
Printable letter on fragrance and air quality issues addressed to church staff
Links to pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and other resources

Disability and the Urban Church
Article on disabilities in general, which briefly mentions MCS

How Accessible is Your Church?
Church accessibility review from The Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities
Covers many disabilities, and includes a section on environmental friendliness

How the Church Can Help the Chemically Sensitive
Article that originally appeared in the Christian Century

Knowing Someone with an Invisible Illness
Includes a page entitled “What Churches Can Do”

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Accessibility for United Methodist Churches
Information on MCS taken from Accessibility Audit for Churches, a United Methodist Resource Book about Accessibility

Parishoners Breathe Easier in Seattle Church’s ‘Fragrance-Free Zone”
Article from the Catholic News Service

Christian Teaching and Bible Study Tools

Back to the Bible
Downloadable Bible Studies and links to radio show archives

Bible Gateway
Online Bible with many versions and reading plans

Bible Study Tools
Bibles, reference works, articles, reading plans, and other resources

Daily Bible readings, Bible study tools, Christian news and commentary, and more

Got Questions?
Helpful site that answers hundreds of thousands of questions about the Bible and the Christian faith

Online Bible library with Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, word studies, and other Bible study aids

New Christians and Seekers
A site dedicated to helping new Christians and to answering the questions of those seeking to know more about the Christian faith

Links to many Christian radio and Internet ministries, online broadcasts, articles, Bible study tools and other resources

National Chemical Illness Organizations and Communities

Chemical Injury Information Network
A support and advocacy organization providing resource materials and referrals to experts

Environmental Illness Resource
An informational resource and interactive community site with news, articles, research abstracts and original content

HEAL – Human Ecology Action League
One of the oldest organizations concerned about the health effects of environmental exposures

Planet Thrive
An online community for those “ready to kick convention to the curb and reclaim responsibility for their health"

General Chemical Illness and Toxin Awareness Resources

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Enables patients to search for doctors familiar with chemical illness

Chemical Injury
A site dedicated to providing both the public and the medical community with the latest research and information on chemical injury

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
The goal of the organization is to raise public awareness of MCS. Visitors to the site can watch a video discussing the issue.

The CIA Campaign: A Campaign for Cleaner Air
Links to many sites addressing fragrance and chemical dangers

Dr. Claudia Miller
Visitors to the site can download The Quick Environmental Exposure and 
Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI), which is a screening instrument for chemical sensitivity.

Fragranced Products Information Network
Gathers and compiles information on synthetic fragrances and other contaminants

Healthy Child, Healthy World
A site on healthy, contaminant-free living focusing on the needs of children

Very helpful and comprehensive site, with links to many others
Among other resources, the site provides printable factsheets on fragrances, cleaners, EMFs, healthy neighborhoods, MCS causes and symptoms, and more (some available in Spanish)

Printable pamphlet on MCS
Pamphlet available from the MCS Canadian Sources organization

Understanding and Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living
Compassionate treatment of the needs of the chemically sensitive, including challenges related to healthcare, employment, housing and psychological losses

Product Safety Information

Healthy Stuff
Evaluates the safety of products in many categories, including children's products, pets, cars, and apparel

Household Products Database
Health and safety information on household products of many kinds, including yard, home maintenance, auto, home office, and arts and crafts

Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Chemical factsheets produced by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database
A searchable safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products

Healthy Building and Renovation


The Healthy House: How to Buy One, How to Cure a Sick One, How to Build One. Fourth Edition, John Bower, Healthy House Institute, Bloomington, IN, 2000

Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners. Paula Baker-Laporte, AIA, Erica Elliott, MD, and John Banta, New Society Publishers, 2001

Online Articles and Informational Pages

Considerations for Safer Construction and Renovation
Article by an architect, first published in the Human Ecologist

Create Healthy Homes: Tips for a Healthy Home
Articles, tips, and a question and answer section

Ecology House Property Management and Design Criteria
Descriptions of building materials and methods used in the construction of an environmentally safer housing development

EPA Building Air Quality guides:
This page links to Building Air Quality: A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managersa large and comprehensive publication addressing indoor air quality issues in public and commercial buildings, and to the Building Air Quality Action Plan, which is a more concise, “how-to” treatment of the same issues.

Healthy House Institute
Articles, tips, and product reviews

Heating and Cooling Options for the Environmentally Sensitive
Discussion of gas, electric, hydronic, and passive solar systems

MCS Issues and Pre-Existing Dwellings
Discussion of factors to consider when looking for a safe home and tips on non-toxic maintenance and upkeep

Recommended Architectural Features for Multi-Family Housing to Better Accommodate Chemical and Electrical Sensitivities
Short list of health-related factors to consider in multi-family dwellings

Safer Building Materials for People Who Can’t Tolerate Many Commonly-Used Chemicals
Article originally published in Ecological News

Safer Remodel
Factsheets for contractors available for purchase


AFM Safecoat
Providers of safer stains, paints, sealers, adhesives and cleaners, including sealers specifically designed to seal in toxins

American Environmental Health Foundation
Air and water filters, bedding, sealants, tape, and other chemically safer materials

Building for Health
Large site with over 7,000 diverse products

Eco Haus
Building materials, flooring, paint, cleaners, and more

E.L. Foust
Providers of air and water filters as well as other healthier home building and improvement products

Green Building Supply
Products include cleaners, finishes, countertops, flooring, and environmental testing kits

Green Depot
Building materials and household products

Healthy Home
Cabinets, lighting, household products, cleaners, apparel, organic flowers, and more

Nirvana Safe Haven
Focus on beds and bedding, air and water purifiers, and fume and odor control solutions

Safer housing


Environmental Health Association of Ontario
Site that connects individuals with compatible needs

Barrhaven Non-Profit Housing, Inc.
Seven units designed for the environmentally sensitive


Ecology House
11-unit low-income housing unit for the chemically sensitive
Has long waiting list

Housing ads
Free housing ads for those with MCS

MCS Housing
Recommended housing supports for those with MCS

MCS Safe Shelter USA
E-mail support group with searchable database of homes for sale or rent and roommates wanted

Charitable corporation founded to address the urgent need for housing alternatives for people with toxic illness

Non-toxic cleaning


Clean and Green: The Complete Guide to Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping, Annie Berthold –Bond, Ceres Press, Woodstock, NY, 1994

Less Toxic Alternatives, Carolyn Gorman, Optimum Publishing, 2002

Nontoxic, Natural, and Earthwise, Debra Lynn Dadd, Tarcher, 1990


An Internet search will bring up many pages of non-toxic cleaning recipes and tips.  Be sure to evaluate each recipe for personal tolerance and true safety.

Care 2: How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit


Ecology Center

Our Little Place


Natural Soap Formulas
A basic formula is available, or the company can design a formula for a specific use. Organizations can also purchase or lease a formula license and manufacture it themselves.

Lawn care and pest management


The Best Control
Download a free book entitled “The Bug Stops Here”

Beyond Pesticides
Factsheets on dealing with a variety of common pests, including insects, rodents, weeds, and mold

Organic Lawn Care 101
Tips and tricks for safer lawns

Safe Lawns
A variety of instructional videos related to healthier lawn care


Biocontrol Network
Insect, bird, rodent, and other pest control; lawn, tree, water, and soil care and testing

Gardens Alive
Lawn, soil, and plant care; insect and animal control

Natural Lawn
Fertilizer, grass seed, insect, rodent, and weed control


Some traditional lawn-service companies have organic options, which are obviously better choices than what is usually offered. However, be aware that when you support those companies you may face issues of cross-contamination, and your money also indirectly supports pesticide usage. There is a lack of nationwide organic lawn care services in the United States, but local options can sometimes be found.

Canadians Against Pesticides: Organic Lawn/Garden Care Services and Sites
List of organic lawn care services in Canada

Greenwise Organic LawnCare
Based in Illinois

Natural Lawn of America
Environmentally friendly approach to lawn care available in many states
Franchise opportunities available

Based in Ohio

Purely Organic Lawn Care
Based in New England

Personal Care Products

Personal care, apparel, bedding, cleaners and more

Personal care, environmental equipment, clothing, pet care, and other safer products


MCS Safe Shelter USA
E-mail support group with searchable database

Safer Travel Directory
A guide to safer travel accommodations can be purchased here

Workplace Accommodation

Job Accommodation Network
Information on MCS for employers, including an informational PowerPoint presentation

Employment and Work Accommodation for People with MCS
Paper presented at the Chemical Injury Information Network Chemical Injury Conference


The CIA Campaign: A Campaign for Cleaner Indoor Air
Printable letter on fragrance and air quality issues addressed to medical providers

Healthcare Without Harm
International coalition of hospitals, healthcare systems, medical professionals, and others working to implement healthy alternatives to common healthcare practices

Hospital protocols
A list of sites linking to hospital protocols for chemically sensitive patients

Massachusetts Nurses Association Fragrance-Free Information
Information on fragrances, a model of a fragrance-free policy, and advocacy tips that are applicable in many settings

Tips for First Responders
Includes a section on assisting those with MCS

Women’s College Hospital
Fragrance-free policy and anti-perfume poster

Safer Schools

Healthy Schools Network
National environmental health organization focused on ensuring that every child has a healthy learning environment

IAQ Tools for Schools
Resources for schools from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools
Site includes sample documents schools can use to purchase environmentally preferable custodial and pest control products

Non-toxic Pest Management Program for Schools
Description of a non-toxic program currently available to any school district

Ten Ways to Manage MCS Reactions at School
Printable factsheet with 10 safe schooling tips

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