Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Lord, We Give Ourselves to You

Dear Lord, we give ourselves to you
Please make us wise in all we do
May every choice, both large and small
Be made from love; be best for all

We choose to serve. We choose to yield
We choose to let our hearts be healed
We choose to walk the way of grace
With strength we draw from your embrace

We're both your children and your friends
You guide our steps. You mold and cleanse
Lord, make us holy. Make us pure
And fit for use; refined, mature

When we don't understand your ways
We choose to trust. We choose to praise
Our lives are clay in master hands
We trust your heart. We trust your plans



DebraSY said...

This is lovely. It also has meter. Might it become a hymn?

It also has a lot of applications. I can see singing/saying this in times of physical challenge, but also when I feel out of control any number of ways. Like when someone I love is doing something courageous and dangerous and far away from me.

Martha McLaughlin said...

I have nothing against unrhymed verse, and often really enjoy reading what others have written, but a long time ago I decided that I generally prefer to write poems that sound like they should either be song lyrics or children's books. I just like rhyme and rhythm. My husband and I have written some songs together, so it's possible that this could turn into a hymn someday.

I do think the key themes of surrender and trust are applicable in pretty much every challenging situation. I don't claim to understand the interplay between God's sovereignty, human free will, and natural law, but I truly believe that at the end of the day, God is in control and that choosing to trust him is the key to peace and ultimate victory. Its easier said than done, though, so I needed to write myself a reminder.